Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the food truck located?

Our full schedule can be found on our website, the StreetFoodFinder mobile app, and our social media pages. If a particular day does not have an event scheduled or no dates are visible on the website, this means our food truck is not currently in operation. Make sure you have notifications turned on to ensure you receive our schedule announcements through social media.

Where can I find the StreetFoodFinder mobile app?

The app is a free download available from the iTunes Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app can be downloaded here.

Do you offer call ahead ordering?

Unfortunately, we do not offer call ahead ordering at this time.

Can I place my order at the food truck and pick it up at a later time?

Since our food truck has limited space inside, we do not have the room to hold orders for later pickup. Once an order has been placed, it must be picked up when it’s ready.

Do you deliver?

We do not offer a delivery service.

Do you plan to open a physical location?

There are currently no immediate plans in place to open a physical location. However, we are always exploring options that may allow us to do so in the future.


Do you sell gizzards?

We do sell gizzards. However, they are not available at every event. Event details will always indicate whether gizzards will be available for a particular event. Visit the schedule section of our website to view event details.

Do you sell livers?

Unfortunately, we do not sell livers from the food truck. Livers ruin the frying oil requiring it to be changed.


Do you have a catering menu?

We do not currently have a catering menu, but you can fill out our catering quote request form located in the catering section of our website. We typically respond within one business day.

What is the difference between drop-off and full-service catering?

With drop-off service, the food truck will arrive at the event address and begin preparing food for the event. Food will be served in aluminum serving pans and given to the customer to distribute as they wish. Once food preparation is complete, the food truck will leave.

With full-service, the food truck will arrive at the event address and begin preparing food for the event. Food will be prepared and served on plates with each plate prepared as specified by each individual. Food will be served from the food truck window or brought to individuals as it’s prepared. The food truck will remain at the event for an additional hourly rate.

What if I need to cancel my catering event?

Any catering event that is cancelled at least one week prior to the event date will receive a full refund on the deposit. Events cancelled with less than one week of notice will not be eligible for a deposit refund.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment including debit cards, credit cards, and cash.